New Member second Mazda

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New Member second Mazda

Postby JLBMX5 » Thu Nov 01, 2012 8:04 pm

Hello all. My name is James I am 38 years old and I own a 1993 Miata. I have only had it since August . This my second Mazda my first one was a 2003 mazda protege5. I have been a member of a local Mazda forum for a few years and I Have recently found this group . I hope to be attending the meet on Saturday the 3rd in Cary. I dont know about the top down drive afterwards, I come from Texas and I dont like to be cold so at 60 degrees my top would be up with heat on LOL. below are a cpl of pics of my Miata .

This pic is of the day I picked up my Miata
The top was torn at window and it had a few rust issues along with a huge rear quarter panel dent

This is the Miata as it sits now

The top was replaced.
Replaced Oil with Synthetic
Drained Gear box and replaced turrett With upper and lower boots and added Redline Gearlube
I Did all my own body work along with sanding the whole car down so I could have body shop paint my car the total cost for paint job was 230.00 its not 100% perfect paint job but alot better than what a maco job would look like.
I also added a R package front lip that I had paint matched when I had car painted.

My wife kinda gives me an Evil look when I tell her more things I want/need to add to my miata so as for now till end of this year its done. But next year I hope to keep added till all done.
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Re: New Member second Mazda

Postby TMR » Thu Nov 01, 2012 9:59 pm


Glad to have you. Hope you can make it to the meeting this saturday. As for top down driving.... all you need to do is turn up the heat and put up the passenger window, a coat, cap, and glove and you are all set. No worries about getting cold. Also, if you have a blanket, lay that across your lap. it will keep the heat below all in tack and you will be very toasty.
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