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Postby slidemx5 » Mon Feb 08, 2010 5:34 pm

Hi guys,

I'm new to the board, signed up awhile back but apparently forgot to login. I'm in Hillsborough, just bought miata #3 (own 2 atm). A 95 montego blue with weird option combinations (torsen, power windows, mirrors, leather steering wheel, no A/C) and a 94 R-package that i smooshed in to a wall at VIR's patriot course back in August.

I've owned a miata since 2004, and do all my own wrenching but am still learning, of course. I work at Red Hat (linux) in raleigh, and, weather providing, like to take the miata to work via backroads.

miata #1 in '04
now belongs to jdmeg2 (tyler) on clubroadster and has a 13b turbo, unless he's sold it

miata #2 in 08
ate it on the patriot course in front of a buncha folk..nice and embarassing

miata #3 last week when i got her, 53k miles minty fresh, no ac, PS and torsen and power windows (all stock)
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