Wake Forest Charity Car Show Saturday June 14th 9AM-3PM

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Wake Forest Charity Car Show Saturday June 14th 9AM-3PM

Postby ford1953jimtm » Wed Jun 04, 2014 6:42 pm

For any of you that want to see a great car show( I know Cary had one last month when I was out of town),the 2nd annual Wake Forest Charity Car Show is in downtown Wake Forest on Saturday June 14th, from 9AM-3PM. You can see info about it, and pictures from last year's show at facebook.com/wakeforestcharitycarshow. I went last year and was very impressed, spending 3 hours there. They have everything from antiques to new corvettes. They are closing more streets in order to have more cars this year(space for up to 245 according to facebook). There will be two Takeapart-T model T demonstrations, where they have a timed event of putting a taken apart Model T back together, and driving it away. I saw it last year, and it was really neat. Members of a model T club do it. Check it out. Jim Ford
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