Need any Welding done?

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Need any Welding done?

Postby Bipestuff » Mon Aug 05, 2013 1:31 pm


I forgot to mention at the August meeting when we opened the discussion up to any new topics, that I recently purchased a wire feed (MIG) welder. I have wanted one for some time and finally was able to find one that would work well for me. This is not a typical home-store type, but a semi-professional model. I have done commercial welding in the past but wanted something for hobby and home use. In any regard, if you have a project or repair job that involves welding, I would be glad to help! I have built items like trailer hitches, struts, etc. as well as many other non-automobile related items. I can also repair things like lawn mower chassis and handles, garden tools, yada yada.

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